Sunday, 10 August 2014

My top 3 beauty secrets!


I will start by saying that I have been using various beauty products since I can remember, so it only seemed fitting that I started working in make up, skin care and hair as soon as I finished school. I do study business as well but beauty is something I will always be passionate about. I thought I would share my top 3 beauty secrets with you all...

For those of you who watched Beauty & The Geek you will know how naturally fair I am, I did not fake tan whilst on the show and embraced my natural skin colour. However, in my normal life I fake tan using Naked Tan 2 hour mousse or by getting a Naked Tan spray tan at least once a week. Before I apply these tanning products I always have a warm bath with a cup of olive oil in it (yes, the type you would find in the kitchen). Oil, obviously, doesn't mix too well with water so just stir the bath around and let it soak into your skin. Do this the night or day before you apply your tan as it will be absorbed by your dry patches and make your tan look much more even and allow it to glide on smoothly.

Teeth are so important! I brush my teeth morning and night. I brush them once using an electric tooth brush and whitening tooth paste for 2 minutes. I then brush my tongue separately using a gel tooth paste. Brushing your teeth and your tongue separately assure you fresh breath and maintain a high level of dental hygiene. After, I rinse my mouth with Listerine. I also use a teeth whitening mouthguard from the supermarket, similar to the ones you would buy from the dentist. It is called 'White Glow - express whitening gel'. I would recommend using it 3 nights a week. It is very affordable and the results are amazing!

Concealer seems pretty straight forward but is something people get very wrong. Many people just place concealer in a semi circle under their eyes. This can make you look like a 'reverse racoon' with 2 white circles under your eyes. Instead, blend your concealer into a triangle shape starting from the corner of your inner eye and finishing with the corner of your outer eye. This is a much more flattering look. Also take a thin swipe of your concealer down the centre of your nose to make it look thinner and more defined.

I hope these tips helped in some way and if you have any requests of what you would like to see on here let me know via my social media pages. I plan on making video tutorials very soon, so will keep you all updated.

Xx Kassi

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