Wednesday, 10 September 2014

More beauty secrets revealed...

Welcome back!

I found that my first blog post (my top 3 beauty secrets) was very successful so I wanted to share with you all some more of my tips and tricks. 


We all have different methods we use to set our nail polish. I've tried everything from holding my hands in front of the fan to quick dry top coats... I recently tried something I was surprised did the trick; I let my nails quickly dry off for a few minutes and then placed them in a glass of iced water. This set them in place immediately and gave them a shellac-like feel. I would recommend holding them in the water for about 30 seconds and towel drying them off gently.

I have two life saving tips for two different types of tans...

1. Whenever I apply my Naked Tan 2 hour tanning mousse I immediately use a hair dryer on my whole body to make sure the tan has completely set. I then wait 10 minutes before clothing.

2. When using my instant tanning wash-off products I always leave them to set for 5 minutes before dressing and spray them with a coat of hair spray to make sure they do not transfer onto clothing. 

Everyday, for the past two years I have been using a combination of skin care products and make up products to help counteract the natural redness I have in my skin. I have found the most effective product in calming down my skin has been a green based primer (green counteracts red). I put this on underneath my foundation. This also ensures my foundation lasts longer, so I have to touch up less frequently.

Nowadays, we are seeing less matte foundations and more dewy finishes. A dewy finish is a lot more glossy and natural looking. It is when your skin has a tasteful shininess to it. Instead of throwing out your matte foundations, add a drop of your regular facial oil into your foundation to change its consistency. This will make your skin look satin matte and your foundation blend a lot more easily. 

I hope you these extra tips have helped you in some way or another! Please let me know if you have any questions by getting in touch with me on one of my social media pages.

Xx Kassi